When perennial phlox plants flower it is a sure sign that summer has arrived, for they are sun-worshipers and rarely begin to brighten up the garden until the heat is turned on.

Winter is a good time to set out new plants, to lift and divide old ones, or to cut up the roots and set them out in boxes and cover with soil – one of the surest and cheapest methods of propagation.

Many gardeners lift and divide their plants in autumn or early winter, but if care is taken not to break off the eyes or shoots that may have already formed on the roots they can be lifted late in winter and broken up into handy little rooted pieces. This applies to all States where the perennial phlox is grown.

Seeds are unreliable as to color, for they cross very readily and one never knows what shades will result.

Given a sunny, well-drained position, phlox flaunt their brilliant colors from early summer to late autumn, and may be seen in many shades. Nearly all are fragrant.

Plants should be set out 12 inches to 15 inches apart, as they become clumpy. Snip out the center of the plants in spring when about 6 inches to 8 inches high and this will keep the flowering stems down to a level height of 12 inches to 18 inches. Some of the newer varieties, if left unchecked, will grow to 3 feet or 4 feet.

Garden phlox comes in many varieties:

  • Aegir (brilliant scarlet red)
  • Amadis (mauve pink)
  • Annie Logan (mauve, Hushed white)
  • Asia (deep salmon pink)
  • Blue Boy (bluish mauve)
  • Border Gem (deep purple)
  • Cinderella (pale mulberry pink, red eye)
  • Daintiness (delicate self pink)
  • Dresden China (shell pink, deeper center)
  • Dream (deep pink, red eye)
  • Early Beauty (dwarf, pale salmon pink)
  • Elizabeth Campbell (salmon pink, white eye)
  • Elizabeth Arden (soft pink with pale ring around red eye)
  • Evangeline (rose pink, dark eye)
  • Evensong (pale pink, red eye)
  • Eventide (lavender blue)
  • Karl Forster (brilliant orange red, maroon eye)
  • Geo. A. Strohlein (crimson red)
  • Gaiety (pink, flushed lilac)
  • Gruppenkonigen (satin rose, dark eye)
  • H. B. May (satin pink)
  • Molmuller (lilac, white eye)
  • H. Hirth (clear rosy pink, scarlet eye)
  • LaRene (white, flushed lilac)
  • Latest Red (red)
  • Leo Schlagater (crimson red)
  • Light of Codsall (carmine pink, white eye)
  • Llewellyn (cerise red)
  • Lord French (carmine red)
  • Lottie Kohler (white, rose carmine eye)
  • Marie S. Jacob (pale lilac, white eye)
  • Mia Ruys (pure white)
  • Michael (orange scarlet)
  • Newbird (rosy crimson, crimson eye)
  • Paladin (soft pink)
  • Pinkette (very pale pink)
  • Spitfire (orange scarlet)
  • Prince George (orange scarlet or tyrian red)
  • Nancy Logan (soft blue)
  • Sunray (salmon pink)
  • Splendour (rose pink, deep eye)
  • Tigress (orange salmon)

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